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Quincy United Soccer Club What is Quincy United Soccer Club?

  • QUSC is a non-profit education foundation soccer club committed to teaching the game of soccer in a non-threatening and positive environment.
  • QUSC was initiated and organized to enhance the accomplishments of both the recreational and competitive players.
  • QUSC is intended for boys and girls of all ages, regardless of their current skill level and athletic ability.


QUSC believes the opportunity exists for the game of soccer to help a child mold a positive self-image by encouraging individual and team self-esteem.

Our focus for club participants is to have fun and enjoy the many benefits which youth soccer offers.

Our emphasis is to help participants:

  • Improve their individual skill levels.
  • Learn to put forth maximum effort in practices and games.
  • Practice good sportsmanship and apply the values and lessons learned in soccer to other aspects of their lives.

Components of QUSC

The QUSC Philosophy is achieved through the following four components of our club.

  1. Quality coaching staff
  2. Developmental program
  3. Competitive traveling teams
  4. Parental support

Have Fun and Enjoy the Benefits of Youth Soccer!

Quincy United Soccer Club is committed to the goal of making participation in soccer a fun experience. Our emphasis is not on winning. Whether engaged in competitive or recreational leagues, QUSC will only emphasize that our participants put forth their maximum effort and play within the context of the team effort.

The key to having fun when playing soccer, is that a child continually learns to improve his/her individual soccer skills. Soccer is a game that requires sound fundamental skills. Without these skills, soccer can be a very frustrating activity for participants, regardless of their athletic capabilities so they may improve their skill level and increase their enjoyment of the game.

By improving individual skills, we hope to allow players to advance as far as their individual talent and desire will take them. For some players this will mean becoming an average recreational player while others could advance on to become world class caliber. We value our work with both. The foundation of our ability to help players improve their individual skills is our professional coaching staff and developmental program.

Coaching Staff
Quincy United coaches are committed to teaching the fundamentals of the game and keeping it fun. QUSC coaches have played competitive soccer at the collegiate and/or professional levels and many are still active players and referees.

Quincy United Soccer Club coaches have many responsibilities.

  • A coach is part manager, part trainer and part teacher. Just getting a team together requires a considerable amount of organization. Finding kids who are interested is the first step. Coordinating all the schedules can be a daunting task. Then keeping it all together is another juggling act.
  • Training the individual players physically is another major responsibility of the coach. Through experience, most coaches have a good idea what works best at building stamina, speed and ball handling.

Developmental Program
We reiterate that the purpose of the Developmental Program is for the children to learn soccer, have fun and improve their soccer skills. It is our goal for the Quincy United Soccer Club to develop in the future a program to enhance the growth in youth soccer. This can be done through team, coaching, and player clinics as well as referee clinics. These will be structured in a way as to involve all coaches, players and referees at every level.

Competitive Traveling Teams
First and foremost our goal is to provide as many kids as possible the opportunity to participate on a Traveling Team. However, one must understand that a child needs to obtain a certain skill level in order to participate on these teams.

When we only have enough players for a single team within an age group, the QUSC Technical Director will pick the players he feels are the best suited for the team. Whenever possible, QUSC will create one or more teams in any age group. This allows us to achieve our objective, which is to place our participants on a team that challenges the players at their skill level, and potentially build self-esteem through success.

It should be noted that a roster spot on a traveling team in a given year, does not guarantee that the player will have the same roster spot on the same team in the following year or even throughout the year.

QUSC Competitive Traveling League Teams compete in the St. Louis Youth Soccer League and in a variety of tournaments throughout the course of the year.

Our goal is to give all of our teams a demanding schedule that will challenge their abilities. While we strive to win, winning is not what our Competitive Teams are about. We have teams that are competing at the highest level in the Midwest and teams who have won only a few games. All of these teams are of equal importance to us.

What we do emphasize with our Competitive Teams are the following.

  • Players putting forth maximum effort in practices and games.
  • Players working within a team concept.
  • Players showing respect for their teammates, opponents and officials.
  • Players demonstrating good sportsmanship.

Learning the Game of Soccer
A last point we would like to make is that soccer is anew game to most parents. QUSC would encourage parents to try to learn a little more about soccer. If you have questions regarding rules or strategies, your child's coach will be happy to review the situation for you at the appropriate time.

Let's Communicate and All Hold Ourselves to the Same Standards
Quincy United Soccer Club sincerely appreciates the efforts of our players, parents and coaches in all club activities.

This information attempts to let all parties involved (players, coaches and parents) know what standards are expected of them to participate in club activities.

The key to upholding these standards in the future, or creating new standards when necessary is that we all communicate in a constructive manner.

Your input is valued and will be listened to. Please feel free to contact any coach, board member or team manager where you feel improvement is needed, or new ideas are possible.

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